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Milka Last Square : Dare to be Creative

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Milka, the chocolate brand of Mondelez, make French people face a cornelian choice in their new campaign. And they do it in a pretty unique way.

by Laurent

Milka media campaign "dare to be creative"

The Milka signature sounds like a call to action : “Dare to be tender”. And this time Milka is giving you the opportunity to do so via its product. How ? By producing its chocolate tabs with one square missing. You can now claim your own square or send it to someone you care, as shown in the case study below :

So you got it, we are talking about product creativity. The product is the medium. What a nice idea by Buzzman. And this is not just a gimmick or a ghost for Cannes. The media campaign has started, 13 Millions of chocolate bars have been produced and ready to be sold in France and Germany. It says a lot about the brand ambition. And this is probably what I love the most about this campaign : the fact that the agency convinced the brand and/or that the brand had the guts, oops sorry, was brave enough, to alter its product, with all the cost and the production impact this means, for a communication campaign purpose.

For the French speaking people, you can visit the dedicated website : lederniercarre.fr

In the past there has been some advertising initiatives which relied on a product change : recently the Coca-Cola sharing can for instance. Or back in 2008, some even managed to change their product… without changing it. Remember the fantastic Diamond Shreddies cereals ? If you have any other example of this type of campaign, please share them in the comments.


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