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Great packaging design starts by knowing how to increase a product’s “return on investment,” or ROI.

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Why do some packaging designs sell better than others?

Many Fortune 500 companies will test every aspect of a design by using input from customer demographic. This is a vital step before putting a product out. Lost ROI over initial sales is too important to leave to chance. RED also understands this vital step.

While redesigning the Fat Boy brand, we used input from customer demographic.  We learned what it would take to build sales dramatically over the next year. Here are just a couple things we learned:

design concept testing & refinement

1. The photo style of the ice cream was a key to success. We were able to test different styles of food photography and choose the one that made the customer’s mouth water more than any other. This led to much higher sales.

2. We even found that having a bite out of the product produced a better or worse result among the demographic testers. You must know why and how to use that information.

3. What box color background stands out the most behind the freezer glass? This is a factor that some may not take into consideration, but we know it is an important factor for increasing sales.

These are only a few examples among a dozen others that help to influence not only consumer sales, but also how the store buyer sees the product.

RED uses the real customer to help refine, define and perfect the visual brand strategy. Not only do you get a great looking packaging, you also increase your ROI. RED knows that successful ROI is all about great packaging design.


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