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Five Reasons to Avoid “Group Think”

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First, what is Group Think?

Group Think is the process of gathering your marketing team, designers or executives around a table to discuss what the customer thinks and what they will like.

Here are five reasons to avoid Group Think:

1. If the group around the table isn’t the current customer using the product, it is the wrong group making the decisions. It is the customer who uses and believes in the product. The customer’s perception is vital.

2. With today’s technology, it is easy to gain insight from customers. There is no excuse to exclude them from design decisions.

3. Group Think doesn’t allow you to get into the mind of the consumer. It won’t give you the key insight into what they are thinking. Gathering information from the mind of the consumer is so revealing.

4. Within the trap of Group Think, an individual or the group as a whole might say, “It’s our job to tell the consumer what they think and like.” This thinking trap compares to telling a significant other what is best for them without letting them speak for themselves. This doesn’t work in life and it doesn’t work in business either.

5. In the end, it’s your consumer that is going to see the campaign and decide what works for them, not just the individuals around the table. Why not find out what they think before pushing the product out to them? Doing so is less expensive and success rates are higher. It’s all about ROI and it’s worth the investment.

Jason Budge is one of the founders of Thrive Life. Thrive is the 14th fastest growing company in Utah. Find out what Jason thinks:

Success is all about Customer Clarity and knowing how to get it. 



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