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“How The Color Red Could Influence Consumer Behavior at Your New Store”

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How The Color Red Could Influence Consumer Behavior at Your New Store

Especially if you are targeting men, you may want to consider including red as a prominent color in advertising and marketing materials.

According to research from the University of Oxford Said Business School, “changing the color of the price from black to red in a retail advertisement makes men think they are getting a bargain.”  In fact, some recalled the price as $15 less than the actual cost.

 The study, “Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions,” shows that men use colors in advertisements as a way to determine the worth of a product or service, whereas women reach their conclusions by reading the print.  The findings imply that, in general, men don’t want to take the time to look that closely at the content.  The research also noted that men associate the color red with pleasure in greater numbers than women do.

In fact, the color red on the price tag didn’t have any effect on the women who were tested in the study.  The researchers from the Said Business School argue that men look for clues they can use as shortcuts to make decisions (e.g. color).  When men took the time to process the ad’s content in more depth, the color’s influence on price perception fell.

As the research continues to pour in, it’s becoming clear that the visual presentation of a print ad or website has an effect on purchasing behavior.  Research is currently being done by Forrester to determine the size of add-to-cart buttons and fonts in purchase decisions online.  In another Forester study, 47% of retail marketers participating in the survey said “testing site layouts (including colors) has become one of the top five merchandising priorities for online businesses this year.”

So, if the target audience for your grand opening is men, don’t forget that red speaks to them in an unspoken language: puts them at ease and makes them think they’re getting a good deal.  Good to know, huh?

Click here to read the entire study from the University of Oxford Said Business School.

So, as you are getting ready for your new store’s grand opening, think about using red throughout your store, especially on the price tags.


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