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“Creating Meaningful Images”

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grocery-shoppingWe all have our favorite frozen dessert treat. As you’re hunting through the grocery store freezer aisle, you scan the rows for that familiar package that you know will bring more happiness to your life. Have you ever thought about what initially draws you to products? Do you know why you have a tendency to be drawn to certain brands? A brand is created to trigger human emotions through powerful and meaningful images that capture our attention. Our purchasing behaviors may be heavily influenced by images that either appeal or repel. For Fat Boy, we tested 4 different styles of photographic imaging to show off the Fat Boy ice cream line. One style rose above the rest. That design received tremendous acceptance and a high like-ability rating from the emotional taste buds of the buyer. As a merchandiser trying to reach potential customers, you must see your package as a single overall image. Does it read off the shelf or through the freezer glass? What about the packaging communication points? Are they answering the buyer’s questions in the right order? Without research, design is just decoration. Using research, RED created a design for Fat Boy that connected with buyers, raising sales by over 30%.

 Are you creating Meaningful Imaging?

FatBoy ice cream


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