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Lauren Dukoff recently shot a series of portraits for Lincoln’s launch of their new 2013 MKZ luxury sedan. The first one out features an array of unique “red heads” – demonstrating that the MKZ is not just another car, but as unique as the individuals who drive them.

Lincoln 2013 MKZ


As the portrait of the RED heads says –  “Statistically speaking, they’re all the same person.” (But we’re not about statistics.)

When did luxury lose focus on the individual and start seeing us all as one? When did it swerve from a singular vision and head for the middle road? We’re not sure who led this detour, but a new road starts here with the 2013 MKZ by the Lincoln Motor Company. Now with an innovative push-button shift designed to create an elegantly open and very personal interior cabin space. Get to know the MKS at Lincoln.com.

R[E]D is about “Customer Clarity” for a brand. Seeing things through your customers perspective at every level.

RED’s research doesn’t look at statistics without looking at the “WHYS“. We look into the mind of each different and unique customer and find out the why’s of what made up the statistics. We find out what they believe and the emotions that drive them. And we do it ONE AT A TIME. No focus groups, no large gathering. One individual customer and get to know why they think the way they do. This is what makes RED different than anyone else.


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